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Economic Rehabilitation

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” With similar ideology and vision; Narayan Seva Sansthan works in various sectors to make sure that every patient who walks out of the Nonprofit Trust is self confident and independent to match the pace of society with equal determination. This is done by providing various ‘free of cost’ vocational educations to all the disabled people earlier operated at the Sansthan. Such training involve computer hardware, mobile repairing, sewing etc. There are others demanded skills taught like wood craft, carpentry, blacksmith trade and leather work. Sansthan supports the will to be able to stand for self and thus, provides free Tools and other raw materials, vegetable contained Lorries and other potential startups.

Computer Hardware


Learning about different computer hardware’s, their repairing and working is taught free of cost to the patients to instill a skill to make them independent and known to knowledge which later can be used to earn a living for them and their family members.


     Computer Hardware Training    Computer hardware training for disabled    Hardware training in NSS    


Computer Training


Computer training inclusive of various programs, softwares and other uses are taught to Help for Disabled people especially those have experienced treatment at the organization for their polio and other 'by birth' physical deformations. Learning of computers makes them technologically updated and well informed. Computers are a must at a workplace regardless of the scale it operates at and Sansthan acknowledges this fact well.


Computer Training in NSS   Software Computer Training   Computer training for Handicaps


Mobile Repairing


Keeping the time frame in mind, mobile repairing is one of the quick to learn yet efficient courses one can imbibe. Organization has various teachers who explain about different parts and chips in a mobile phone and their respective uses. This trains the people to deal with different mobiles in a different ways and thus, use this learning as a way to earn their living.

Mobile Repairing classes   Mobile Repair classes for disabled   Learning mobile repairing



Sewing Training

For the years that they were considered a mere liability, skills like sewing help them take a stand for them self in the society. Various sewing skills, trying and testing with raw materials and designs are taught for free at Naarayan Seva Sansthan to all the young old men women. They later put up a fashion show where all their products (self stitched) are displayed by models on ramp. This not only provides skill but the confidence and exposure along as well.



Sewing Training in NSS   Sewing Training for Disabled   Sewing Classes for handicaps



Henna and incense sticks


Other small trainings including henna designs which are an essential part of Indian culture, incense sticks making etc are given to mostly women patients at Narayan Seva Sansthan to make them self reliable and independent to earn their livelihood and not be liable to anyone.

Narayan Seva Sansthan utilizes this art to make the differently able individuals, economically independent.

People with minimum curricular knowledge are made to enhance their talents by teaching them this form of art.

This opens door for making a steady income for such individuals and in turn makes them independent.

Such vocational training is also an aid for people with hearing and speech incapabilities.


Making incense sticks classes    


incense stick made by disableds   Stick making Classes for handicaps   Incense stick learning class