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Social Rehabilitation

Narayan Seva Sansthan recognizes one’s social responsibility and obligations, a contribution to the society to bring the change. Along with the vision to eradicate polio, there are other societal roles in addition performed by the organization. These roles include-

Mass Marriages: For those made for each other pairs who cannot afford the costs of their lavish dream marriage, Narayan Seva Sansthan makes the fairytale come true.  The organization has successfully organized a total of 34 mass marriage ceremonies during last 20 years for marriageable young 'differently able' and poor boys & girls. Till date, 2098 such pairs have been tied in the lifelong knot of marriage through these ceremonies. Blessings of those 1298 beautiful wed couples are what keep us going towards our goal.





Fashion Shows: All the end results by the students at the sewing training are later displayed in a fashion show where everything from scratch including costumes, modeling is done by the trainees themselves. This instills self confidence in them to go out and face the world with stronger will and higher morale. Narayan Seva Sansthan has set a benchmark of 20 successful fashion shows in different cities.





Social Awareness: Sansthan works for social duty calls by spreading awareness about certain issues and initiating campaigns as a source to influence the public.


  • De- Addiction Campaign- all sorts of addiction including drugs, smoking, liquor, bidis, hukkah are targeted during the campaigns and public is told about the cons of the issues. They are informed about the side effects and helped to quit the addiction to make their lives healthier, longer and happier.


  • Blood donation camps- People are encouraged to donate blood in order to save lives in need and emergencies. This way public is connected in a noble mission to bring the change we ask for. Also, this makes one join Narayan Seva Sansthan for further contribution to the society.


  • Polio Pulse Campaigns- Providing polio vaccinations for free to children of certain ages in order to eradicate the disease from roots is what we work for too.




  • Mobile Medical Van- With a view to offer medical facilities to poor and needy patients’ easy and conveniently at their door step at any point of time; a portable van is being worked for the association as a versatile care unit. It is furnished with modernized medicinal types of gear and different facilities that are required amid the treatment of the patients particularly at the time of crisis.


Budding Saplings: ‘Bhagwan Mahaveer Nerakshrit Balgrah’, an orphanage established in 1990 with a vision to provide shelter to all the orphans has succeeded to a great extent. The place provides free accommodation, food, education, clothing and all basic facilities a child deserves for a good lifestyle. Children of all ages varying from 1 year to 19 years live under one roof being a shield to each other and spreading the essence of family. More than 600 children bond the organization together. Another school functions for gifted children (deaf, dumb and blind) which provides residential services to as many people as the Sansthan could reach out to. The latter includes specialized services like JAWS software under trained teachers with extra care and patience.