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About World of Humanity

An environment where every human being is accepted and empowered, regardless of ability, caste, creed, or religion. Narayan Sewa Sansthan, a charitable organization in India, has announced a unique initiative – the “World of Humanity”(WOH) center. “The World of Humanity” is a space where meaning is added to the lives of everyone who has hope. Its aim is to create an inclusive society with acceptance for everyone, where people with various problems can access help for free and become a part of mainstream society.

The NGO Narayan Sewa Sansthan in India and its branches across the world have helped people come together and contribute to building the World Of Humanity Center. The initiative rests on three pillars: Heal, Enrich, and Empower. The World of Humanity center is open to everyone, and everyone is welcome to contribute in whatever way they can. From providing medical assistance and education to donating money or time, everyone can help make a difference.


The "World of Humanity" rehabilitation center shall offer free health care, education, and skill training to improve the lives of needy individuals and make them more civilized.

Our Appeal

Certain facts of the underprivileged minority where the poorest of the poor data facts reflect in the census 2011 state that


Seeing Disability population


Speech Disability


Hearing Disability


‘In Movement’ Disability

Considering these facts cased on the census 2011, announcing a multi-super-specialty WOH center will be a beneficial move for all.