Anil Finds New Hope & Strength With His New Artificial Limb…

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Success Story : Anil

A devastating road accident altered the course of Anil's life, leaving him grappling with a harsh reality at a young age. Hailing from Bikaner, Rajasthan, 16-year-old Anil Kumar was leading a contented life with his family. However, three years ago, a severe road accident left him gravely injured, necessitating immediate admission to a nearby hospital. Witnessing the extent of his injuries, his family was left in shock. During the treatment, it became imperative to amputate his left leg. What once was a carefree and joyful life, became a struggle, as Anil had to rely on crutches for every step he took.

Enduring the pain of disability, Anil spirits began to wane. But in May 2023, a glimmer of hope emerged when he came across information about Narayan Seva Sansthan  Free Artificial limb distribution program on social media. On June 27, upon visiting the Sansthan, the specialized orthotic and prosthetic team took measurements, and within three days, Anil was provided with an artificial limb, allowing him to stand tall once again.

Anil now shares that he can walk comfortably and perform various tasks just like anyone else. He expresses immense gratitude to the institution and its donors, as their support not only gave him a new lease on life but also provided the foundation for a brighter future ahead.