Anjali Is Now Out Of Critical Condition

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Success Story : Anjali


Kamlesh and Anita from Mandsaur district, Madhya Pradesh, were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Anjali, into the world. They had high hopes for their daughter’s future and named her Anjali, which means ‘gift’ in Hindi. However, when Anjali turned 12, her health suddenly began to deteriorate, and her parents were alarmed. They took her to several hospitals in search of a cure, but none of the treatments seemed to improve her condition.

After many attempts to find a cure, Anjali was taken to a reputable hospital, where she was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, a condition where the body destroys red blood cells faster than it can produce them and the stomach starts swelling continuously. The doctors advised that an immediate operation was required to save her life. However, Kamlesh, who worked as a Hamali laborer (loading goods on vehicles), barely earned enough to support his family of five, let alone afford such expensive medical treatment.

While receiving treatment at a hospital in Udaipur, they learned about Narayan Seva Sansthan and its Financial assistance program for critical disease treatment. Kamlesh met with the president of the organization, Prashant Agarwal, and explained their financial situation and Anjali’s medical condition. President Prashant Agarwal immediately provided the necessary funds for the operation, which cost 30,000 rupees.

After getting assistance from Sansthan, Anjali underwent a successful operation on March 13th and was given a new lease on life. Her parents were overjoyed by her recovery and expressed their gratitude to the organization, stating that the organization represents the true form of God Narayana, as its name suggests.