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A son was born five years ago to Anil Sikharwal, a resident of Deoretha village in the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. There was a lot of celebration, but when the doctor saw the newborn’s feet, he discovered that both of his claws were curled. Everyone’s faces turned pale when they heard this; happiness vanished in a moment. His parents’ hearts shook. They were excited to have a son, but when they saw his condition, they drowned in sorrow. The doctor assured them that everything would be fine. The son started growing and was named Chandu Sikhwal. The parents started taking care of their son in hopes that he would recover, but nothing changed, and he started facing difficulty living a normal life. Father Anil is a laborer and does farming in the village, and mother Deepa Devi does household chores, and they somehow afford their basic needs. The family’s terrible financial situation made it impossible for them to receive treatment in a fancy private hospital.

Anil’s sister’s daughter was also in the same condition when someone gave information about Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The daughter was treated, and she was cured. After watching his niece’s Successful Surgery, Anil got his hopes up once again, and on June 4th, 2022, Anil visited the organization without wasting any time. Here the doctor successfully operated on his son’s right leg on June 9, tied a plaster bandage, and called again after about a month. When he returned on July 18th, the plaster was taken off of Chandu’s leg. The operation was a success, and he was delighted to see the straight leg. On July 21, Special Calipers and shoes were prepared and worn. The other leg was operated on on July 22. Father Anil and mother Deepa Devi believe that the second leg will also be completely cured just like the first leg. Thanks to all of the donors and colleagues, the Sansthan family has successfully cured their son. We are very grateful.