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In a tragic turn of events, Harshal Kadam from Pune lost both of his legs in a devastating train accident, plunging his life into darkness. Once-cherished dreams now lay shattered, casting a shadow over his existence. The fateful day was October 30, 2021, when, while boarding a train, he was struck by another train racing along the adjacent track at an alarming speed. Bystanders promptly rushed him to the hospital, but sorrow permeated his home in the wake of this incident, leaving everyone overwhelmed with grief and tears.

Following the doctor’s advice, Harshal underwent the painful amputation of both his legs due to the extensive damage sustained. Months passed, and upon returning home from the hospital, a friend from Rajasthan shared a glimmer of hope with Harshal. The friend mentioned Narayan Seva Sansthan, an organization dedicated to serving humanity and offering a new lease on life to the disabled through the provision of Free Artificial limbs. With renewed determination, Harshal reached out to the Sansthan and made his way to Udaipur in May 2023.

The expert medical team at Sansthan meticulously examined and measured Harshal’s residual limbs. Tailored Narayan Limbs were painstakingly crafted and fitted to replace his lost legs. After a few days of practice and adjustment, Harshal experienced the joy of walking comfortably once again, supported by these remarkable artificial limbs. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he decided to stay at Sansthan and enroll in their Free Mobile Repair Training Program. Presently, he is actively engaged in the course, acquiring valuable skills for a promising future.

Reflecting on his journey, Harshal expressed profound happiness and gratitude for discovering Sansthan. In the face of adversity, life can unexpectedly present us with new opportunities. He emphasized the importance of embracing positivity and staying prepared to forge ahead. The Sansthan not only enabled him to stand on his feet again but also bestowed upon him an entirely new life. Harshal extended his heartfelt appreciation and deep thanks to the Sansthan, recognizing their pivotal role in his transformative journey.