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Ramesh used to run my own ration shop in Nashik Maharashtra. I was living in a family of 6 members including my kids and wife. I open my shop everyday from 6 am to 8 pm. And in a week or 1 month after the goods of the shop run out, I go to the market on my motorcycle (bike) and bring ration items. Similarly, my household was progressing well that suddenly an accident disturbed the whole family. In the month of January 2022, after the completion of the goods of the shop, prepared the list of ration material and I left the shop with my bike. I was about to reach the market in Nashik that suddenly a car came from the front at high speed and hit me. In this accident, the tire of the car passed over the left foot. The leg was completely retracted and there were several bruises on the body as well.

Then with the help of villagers, I was immediately taken to the hospital where the treatment went on. When I regained consciousness, I came to know that I did not have a leg and this shocked me a lot. The family was in trouble as one leg was amputated. The family started facing financial crisis. Then after 1 month, information was received from friends and relatives that there is Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur, which treats the differently-abled and implants artificial limbs. Then I came to the sansthan on 29th May 2022 by contacting on social media number. The same day the doctor examined and measured the feet. Then on June 1, 2022, I was fitted with a prosthetic leg and trained to walk. Now I walk very comfortably and hope to go to my shop soon and work. Many thanks and gratitude to the Sansthan family who have revamped my life!