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Sandeep Kabale, a native of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, is from a normal family. Working in a private chemical company, he was running his household by earning Rs 10,000 per month. 8 months ago in January 2022, a bad day came, which broke all his dreams. While working in the company, an accident happened, Sandeep also became a victim of that accident. Company people took him to the hospital. On regaining consciousness, it was found that he had lost his left leg from below the knee and his right leg from the paw. The family was crying seeing Sandeep’s condition. This accident broke all the family members. Treatment went on for 2 months. He also lost his job. The family was facing financial crisis. Meanwhile, one-day the company’s colleague Nitin Joshi came as a ray of hope with a message. He got information about free treatment, support and artificial limb distribution of Narayan Seva Sansthan located in Udaipur, Rajasthan from somewhere.

Both reached the sansthan on 9th August 2022 without wasting any time. The prosthetic team of the institute took measurements of the severed legs on 11th August and prepared and put on special prosthetic legs and calipers on 12th August. He was trained for two days to put on the prosthesis, open it and walk on it. Sandeep says that I am so happy with the free prosthesis that I cannot say. All I would say is that my life had come to a halt, which has been revived by the sansthan. Many thanks to Narayan Seva Sansthan and the doctors and team here. You gifted me a free prosthesis for which I will be forever grateful. And by bringing disabled and needy people like myself to the sansthan, I will try to free them from the misery of disability.