Shiv Shankar Scored 18,000 Runs With Left Hand…

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Recently, the third National Physical Divyang T-20 Cricket Championship was held in Udaipur, where the 24-year-old divyang player Shiv Shankar from Karnataka, Bangalore, participated. He has been playing cricket for 8 years and is soon going to complete his 19,000 runs. He started his career with the tennis ball. Seeing his friends play cricket in college, he decided to try it himself. He began with Ranji players and then progressed to the national level. In the National Physical Disability T-20 Cricket Championship, he captained the Rest of India team against Jammu and Kashmir in a match. When he was 6 years old, he lost his right hand in an accident with a bus while crossing the road. After completing his studies, he is currently working in an IT company.