A premature girl regains her legs

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A premature girl was born 12 years ago in the house of Santosh Kumar Agrahari, a resident of Mahul village in the Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Her legs had a curvature at the knees and toes. Seeing this, the whole family, including the parents, fell into mourning, but what could they do? After that, they started taking care of their daughter. The daughter was named Prachi and was enrolled in the closest school when she was four or five years old. There was a lot of trouble with daily commutes to school, as the parents had to do household chores and outside work. And it was necessary to have one person to take care of her. While seeking treatment for their daughter for years without success, they also visited hospitals in Mumbai and Lucknow and underwent a lot of physiotherapy, but no improvement was evident. As a result of her circumstances, her studies were also put on hold.

The father is taking care of five family members by running his chip agency, and the mother, Sarita Devi, is working as a housewife. Then one day, a differently-abled person came to the village, walking comfortably. The same person had difficulty walking in the past. When the father asked him about it, he told him about the treatment for his feet at Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur, and seeing this, a ray of hope appeared. As a result of the information he had provided, the parents came to the institute with Prachi. On April 27th, both legs and knees were Successfully operated on, and two months later, on June 2nd, the plaster bandage was taken off. And for the third time, both feet were measured on July 18th, 2022, and unique customized calipers and shoes were manufactured and worn on July 21st. Ankit Chauhan, Prachi’s doctor, reported that she is now healthy and able to walk comfortably. In their reaction, the parents said they were happy to see Prachi standing straight on both feet. The organization has given our daughter and us a new lease on life.